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Available on Apple AppStore since 2012. 4M+ downloads. PDF Max is the world’s most popular mobile PDF app for iOS & Android.

The all-new PDF Max for Mac

Rebuilt from scratch to make it the best PDF app for Apple Mac AppStore. Now available on the Mac AppStore!

PDF Max 8 for iPhone/iPad

On the Apple AppStore since 2012 ❤️


What’s new in PDF Max 8 for iOS

One app for both iOS & macOS

PDF Max 8 is now available for all your iPhone/iPad. Since June 2020 you can get PDF Max on the Mac AppStore and unlock all premium features with your yearly subscription on your iPhone/iPad


Built with latest technologies

PDF Max 8 is built on latest Apple technologies with a seamless & secure integration with cloud storages such as Dropbox, Box, and many others.

Ready for latest devices, better for old ones

PDF Max 8 looks beautiful on any Apple devices. It also offers a better speed on old devices such as iPhone 5S or iPad Air (2013).

A free update for everyone

PDF Max 8 is available as a free update for PDF Max 7, PDF Max 7 Pro users. Visit here for the differences between PDF Max Free, Pro & Premium.


PDF Max excels is in its form filling — it’s easy to zoom into a form and quickly add text to fields. There’s also support for pens and styluses where available, so you can sign forms or annotate documents. You can attach voice recordings to documents as well. It’ll even work with PDFs that include JavaScript content.

In the looks department, PDF Max is right up there in the “nearly modern” category along with Adobe Reader. Once you get into the reading and annotating, though, things start looking a lot nicer.

If you work with PDF files on a regular basis, PDF Max is an app you should take a look at. It’s a free download, and you only have to pay for extra features if you’ll use them. The included features and tools make it a very capable PDF utility app.

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